If you thought you knew the best places to go sightseeing then you need to think again. Here at StudentUniverse we have come with the top 8 places to see sightseeing with everything from landmarks, great architecture and popular culture we have it covered. So why not compare you’re bucket list to our top 8 places to go see if you can add a few on.


Rome is a must see on any adventure around Europe. Italy’s capital and the city of the seven hills, Rome encompasses everything for that perfect sightseeing trip. With history dating back to the era of Octavian and Julius Caesar, Rome is filled with beautiful structures, statues and museums such as the Pantheon and the Roman Forum. If you’re an art enthusiast then you’ll love the Vatican Museum and The Colosseum as they encompass the beauty and culture of Italy. Make sure however that you try out the best of Italy by trying out some of their traditional dishes and local cuisines.


Despite being known for its coffee-shop culture, Amsterdam is a must see destination. Why not experience the beautiful bike rides along the canal and city on a weekend break away. With so much to see make sure you go visit the Anne Frank House,Vondel park and the Van Gogh Museum where you’ll get to see unique artefacts.  Amsterdam has become increasingly popular with young people so you’re bound to have a great time in this magnificent city.


Known for its music and monarchy, Vienna should be on your list for the top places to go sightseeing. Take a week to explore this great city especially the Habsburg Schonbrunn Palace and the streets of the Inner Stradt. Once you’re done why not go visit the Museums Quartier to tour the Museum of Modern Art which will give you an insight on Vienna’s culture and traditions.


Though the journey to Crete can be long, you’ll be sure to have fun with non-stop sun, sea and sand. Crete is perfect for students as this city prices stay relatively low which is fantastic if you love eating, shopping and travelling around. If there’s one word to describe the Greek island of Crete, it would be diverse as this city is situated around beaches, mountains, palm-tree forests and ancient ruins. Crete streets are lined with architecture mirroring the styles of the Minoans, the Venetians, the Ottomans as well as contemporary Greeks, so make sure you bring your camera.


Beijing is China’s capital and is rich in history, ancient and modern architecture. You will have so much to do in this gorgeous city such as visit the famous Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the imperial palace of the Temple of Heaven. If you love travelling around by bike or foot why not visit the lovely garden of the Summer Palace and the Tian’anmen Square where the People’s Republic of China was inaugurated by Chairman Mao. Beijing has a glorious past, but is by no means stuck in the past, so make sure you book your tickets.


With beautiful hand-painted ceramics, patterned carpets and gold Byzantine-style jewellery; Istanbul is filled with beauty and culture. Within this city’s 15th century vaulted walkways you’ll be sure to catch a bargain so make sure you haggle like a pro as you can get some pretty amazing stuff on these market stalls. After you’re done shopping why not grab a local doner kebab and strong cup of Turkish coffee.


With so much culture and tradition, India is encompassed with great architecture, cuisine and attractions. The first place you must visit is the Taj Mahal which is regarded as one of the eight wonders of the world. Located in Agra, the Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Its architectural style is a combination of Persian, Turkish and Indian architecture which makes it a great place to visit.


Despite being home to the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin has so much to offer than the  typical beer and pub. Why not book a weekend away to explore this picturesque city and visit the St Stephen’s Green and Phoenix Park where you spend the day playing in the park and learning about Irish history. With so many parks, castles and cathedrals most of Ireland can be walked so don’t worry about spending an arm and a leg. The traditional Irish culture alongside the contemporary nightclubs and restaurants, makes Dublin the perfect destination for a weekend break.

There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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