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From the remarkable scenery and beautiful architecture, to the lively music scene and the perfect climate; there are countless reasons why Croatia is climbing to the top of many peoples travel bucket-list. Check out our reasons of why you should consider Croatia for your next holiday destination.


 Otherwise known as ‘King’s Landing’ by Game of Throne nerds, as several scenes of the hit HBO series have been filmed here, Dubrovnik is one of the most unique and charming cities in the world. You can’t leave Croatia without making a stop in this fantasy land.


Croatia’s climate is perfect for vineyards making the country’s wine absolutely impeccable and the best part… affordable! The cuisine is ingredient-rich as it is the perfect blend of Mediterranean and Italian flavors with a unique twist.


The turquoise blue and crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea is nothing short of breathtaking. Be sure to venture to the famous Krka National Park to swim in the stunning lakes and magnificent waterfalls.


The rich history, medieval walls, architectural beauty, and ancient ruins of this country are guaranteed to make all your adventures worthwhile.


With everything from street performers to sold out music festivals, Croatia offers a music scene that you don’t want to miss. Visit during the summer time to enjoy a fun weekend in the sun listening to top DJs and popular artists.

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