Traveling abroad was an amazing adventure that helped me grow into the person I am today. I learned many life lessons and many tips to take with me for my next adventures abroad.Here are 15 tips I would tell someone new to traveling abroad;

Things Wont Always Go Your Way 

If things can go wrong they will go wrong so don’t fret about making a mistake. Things happen in life and being abroad doesn’t change that. Just remember there is always a solution and if you remain calm and keep a clear head you will find away to fix your predicament.

2. Pictures Take Them

I was always afraid to be the tourist, taking pictures at every sight or pretty garden I came across and because of that I missed some great opportunities. Don’t be afraid to take pictures those are memories you can look back on and share with others.

3. Ask For Help

Again this was hard for me I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t know what I was doing but less face it, I had no idea what I was doing. Ask for help, people are friendly and it’s a good way to strike up a conversation with locals.

4. Hang With The Locals

Meeting people is half the fun of the journey. Hang out with locals see what they do from day to day and their favourite places to hang out, you may learn a lot.

5. Have A Plan

It’s important to plan out what you want to do and see while abroad. These plans may change slightly but having a plan will help ensure you experience what you want to. Time goes by fast when you are abroad so try and plan accordingly.

6. Research

Researching flights or trains is a great idea so you know how much money you can spend or not spend when travelling throughout Europe. There is always a good deal out there if you dig hard enough.

7. Copy

Make sure before you take off to make a copy of your passport and to bring it along with you. Hopefully you won’t need to use it but if you do you’ll be glad you have it on you.

8. Dress Smart

Sure we all like to look cute but cute in other counties may not be the same as in yours. Try and dress comfortably and smart, maybe not wearing your cute sandals to go biking or walking through the streets. Look up what locals your age where and try and go from there.

9.Phone Troubles

Before you take off make sure you have an international plan or a plan that doesn’t charge you roaming costs. Expecting 4g abroad is not realistic your Smartphone will not work in the majority of places you go but this is good sometimes we need an escape from reality. There’s so much to see it’s a good thing you aren’t staring at your Iphone.

10. Spend Wisely

It is very easy to get caught up on spending money. There are so many new things that you want to have, however try to keep a budget so if a spontaneous trip pops up you can join. Keep in mind the exchange rate is different everywhere, stay updated and have an idea of what you’ll be spending at your location.

11. It’s Okay To Feel Homesick

It’s going to happen even if you have never experienced it before. Travelling from state to state is much different then moving to different countries. However the feeling won’t last forever and there are ways to make it better. Stay connected with family, friends, and updated on what’s going on back home. At the same token stay social go out, meet friends, and update your loved ones back home on your adventures. It may seem that your missing things back home, but you’re not enjoy your time it’s not forever.

12. It’s Okay To Be Scared

If you never try you will never know. While it can be scary to pack up and say goodbye to everything familiar and comfortable not going for it can be even scarier. You don’t want to live with the “what if’s” in life, taking the plunge will be worth it. It’s okay to feel afraid and okay to acknowledge those feelings but pushing through them will become a great accomplishment and something to feel proud of.

13. Getting Lost

While this could be a blessing or a curse to some it happens, and I’ve experienced both sides. Getting lost can be great when you stumble upon a beautiful back alley or a stunning garden. Sometimes walking off the beaten path leads you to amazing things so don’t be afraid to wander. That being said make sure you have a plan when you do wander. Download a travel app that tells you were the local transpiration can get you. Or keep Uber handy.

14. Stay Active

For some this is easier to do. Luckily studying abroad means walking a lot of places but it can also mean trying a lot of tasty new food. This can be done if it is done right, you will learn somewhere along your travels that proportion is key. Another way to stay fit is to rent a bike for a day and explore the town or if you can’t find the time do a quick 30 minute circuit work out in your room.

15. Be Open

Be open to opportunities. I know this can be difficult when you’re tired and want some down time but you’re only studying abroad for a certain amount of time so make the most of it.


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