Interning can be a fascinating and exciting experience, however when you’re working in another country it can be equally as nerve-wracking. To get the scoop on interning in another country StudentUniverse had the chance to interview a Chinese student experiencing working in London. So if you’re an international student thinking about interning in the UK, make sure you check out this interview to get first hand insight on how London life can be.

Who are you and where are you from?
Hi, my name is Lindsay and I am originally from Beijing, China. I came to the USA for college (university) three years ago, and I did one year exchange in Paris. I study psychology and business at Washington College in Maryland. 


Why did you choose to intern in UK and how has it been living here? 
So when I was studying abroad in Paris, I visited London for the first time and I really wanted to work abroad. I instantly fell in love with the city because it is a clean and fun and you will never run out of tings to do. That made me wanted to stay for a summer or even longer.  
What do you think the UK offers that you that you couldn’t find at home?
Cultural diversity. I grew up in a metropolitan city like London but there are differences such as the many different languages and cultures which get along very well. One of my high school friend from Beijing said: I feel like London is my home, because it is a home to every culture, you will never feel left out. The second one is the pace of the city. It is a fast pace city, but you see most of people here are fit, healthy, well dressed and happy. It is a fast pace city but everyone seems living here happily, so it gives me so much motivation and energy.



Do you think there were cultural differences?
There are many different things but I personally think all big cities are alike, so I feel as though I’ve fitted in right away and did not experience much culture shocks.
What would be your top tip for someone coming to the UK that’s about to start a similar experience?
If you want to work abroad I would say learn world geography and British history. I was always into history and geography but I still could not figure out whether Lithuania was boarded with Poland or Russia and so when I met someone from there in London, I had to pull out a map in the bathroom just so that I could pretend I knew what I was talking about. I think people in London are quite diverse, so the more you know, the better you are prepared for a conversation. I think England has a quite long history and English people are very aware of that, talking about history and politics are not uncommon, which I like a lot. 


If you could intern anywhere else where would it be and why?
My top choices to work abroad would be somewhere else in England, Germany and the USA. This is because of the work ethics, I believe these are the most hard working people and they take their jobs seriously, so I would be able to learn a lot from them, alongside this I believe there is always efficiency and I love working in a fast pace working environment.
What would you say you’ll take away from your time in the UK? 
I have had a great time and I really hope that I can continue this open-minded attitude everywhere. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world!


Good luck on your intern adventure! 
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