It’s always a big step going to university but it’s always a bigger step when you’re going away to study. To make things easier, here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list of the top ten countries you must consider before studying abroad.

Madrid, Spain

If you want to learn another language then you have to consider studying in Spain. Spanish being one of the most common language spoken in the world so studying in Madrid not only gives you a great opportunity to broaden your horizons with some of the top courses but to also pick up a truly magnificent language.  Being a student often means living like a student so you will be happy to know that costs of living is very affordable alongside their cheap tuition fees opposed to that of Italy. To find the perfect place to stay you have to check out uniplaces wide range of accommodations. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to study in this particular destination because it is cheaper than others, but Spain offers more than just affordability, with vibrant cultures, an enviable climate, and friendly nature, it’s a study abroad destination that you’ll be sad to leave, and eager to return to.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one the most beautiful destinations in the world and is a great country if you’re looking to study abroad. In-between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is unlike any other city in the world. Istanbul has been a central point for cultures, traditions, and lifestyles stretching back over 2000 years. So there is always something new or ancient to explore. Similar to Spain, living in Istanbul is relatively cheap, and the nightlife rivals any European capital so you won’t just have an amazing time learning here but also enjoying the experience.


It may not always be sunny in Ireland but the spirit of this country makes up for the weather. If you are looking to study here you will be happy to know that Ireland is known for its strong literature and writing programs. You’ll be sure to get the best quality education, the best in food and drink and a lot of history.

Paris, France

France has a low tuition rate for both local and international students. Paris has been at the QS Best Student Cities for 2 consecutive years, making it a contender when looking at where you should study abroad. Other cities in France have the additional advantage of having a lower cost of living than Paris but with Uniplaces serving a variety of accommodation you will find something that will suit your budget. The average tuition fees are £500 upwards which may I add is cheaper than the UK fee of £9000. France accommodates nearly 7% of all international students and this statistic looks to increase.  Though your classes may be in English it won’t hurt to learn some French as this can really help your stay in France a little easier.

London, United Kingdom

You won’t get a more international study abroad experience than you will in London. With flights going to every destination and the simplicity of our tube systems, you must consider the UK as a place to study. With so much to do in London such as visiting our many free museums, gigs and festivals, you’ll have nothing but fun. London in particular has diverse accommodation options at that all important student friendly rate alongside its multicultural scene which includes our food scene which is now among the world’s best, so believe me when I say you’ll never get bored of our food options. The range of restaurants, bars, theatres, sports, pop-ups, performance art and large-scale events is astounding, London is definitely where you need to be. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There’s no better city to study in than Amsterdam. It’s small enough to walk or cycle almost anywhere and with nice weather and people it’ll be hard to have a dull time. With magnificent buildings, pretty bridges and quiet canals, Amsterdam has that all important village-like charm, yet you’ll also find top-ranking art museums and one of the best orchestras in the world. Make sure you book your accommodation in Amsterdam in advance so that’ll you find somewhere in the central Amsterdam so that you can experience all that this great city has to offer.

Venice, Italy        

You’ll be happy to know that many Italian universities offer cheap tuition for international students. Italy is noted for offering best education in such study areas as fashion, history, liberal arts and arts at low cost. It is indeed the best place to study arts. So make sure you check out the University of Bologna, University of Rome La Sapienza and the Polytechnic University of Milan. You can expect to pay around €1,000 per academic and receive the best education possible in this beautiful city.

Prague, Czech Republic

With beautiful architecture such as Prague Castle, this is one country you must consider! Prague is known for its mystical and mysterious buildings and decorations so is a great place to study if you enjoy history or art. With accommodation relatively cheap, magnificent views and education more creative than ever, there really isn’t no better time to study in this country.

Munich, Germany

One of the top study abroad destinations in Europe, Germany can be said to be the most affordable study abroad destination. Whilst the cost of living is comparably higher than other European destinations, the tuition fees you could expect to pay on an undergraduate degree will not break the bank. You can expect high standards. With more than 600 programmes taught in English, learning German isn’t a must but like every country, learning the language will definitely help you along the way.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is divided by the beautiful Danube River and the ancient city of Buda. Built on the hills and high river terraces, Budapest can be said to be very residential, conservative but student friendly. One of the unique aspects of Budapest that you will quickly discover is the number of communal bathhouses, pools, and spas. This city is built on a variety of springs, both warm thermal springs and cool mineral springs. As a result, an amazing number of bathhouses have been created over time. Budapest has much to offer students looking for a glimpse of Hungary’s history and affordable living spaces. Whilst studying in this beautiful city we would suggest that you visit Budapest’s Palace which also contains the National Gallery, which features an impressive assortment of Hungarian artwork, the Széchenyii National Library, and the Budapest History Museum.

Armed with some destinations to choose from, you’re ready to take the big step and start your university career in style and comfort. These are some of the best years of your life, so make sure you make the most of them!

If you’re planning on or are studying abroad, check out StudentUniverse for student and youth discounts on flights, hotels and tours to ensure you get the best prices.

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