10 Best Places to Visit this Summer

The summer is the perfect time to get away to wash away the stress of the past year. Whatever you’re looking for; a long, luxurious escape or a couple of cheap weekend breaks, hopefully this list will give you some inspiration for your next travel destination. So here are the 10 places you should look… Read More

Where To Go For Your Spring Break

The beginning of the 2nd term can seem a very unhappy one at times, particularly in 2017. Christmas is over and summer seems so far away. There is however, one ray of hope in the not-too-distant-future that you probably forgot about amidst all the doom and gloom: the spring holiday break. This precious gap between the 2nd and 3rd term is designed for sheer bliss. Here are StudentUniverse’s top destinations on where to go for your Spring break in 2017.

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7 Reasons to Visit Rural Wisconsin in the Summer

When you think of the U.S., you probably envision the flashy streets of New York or the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, but trade the city life for a more rural (and cheaper) location and you’ll soon be fantasizing about the small-town vibes and relaxing lake life in Wisconsin. Don’t underestimate the activities and quality of life found in this Cheese and Beer State during the summer.

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Top Eight Places To Visit This Easter

To help you choose where to go this Easter, StudentUniverse has compiled a list of worldwide destinations that you should visit. Make the most of your trip and visit some of the most amazing destinations from ancient cities and museums, to epic trails and majestic mountains, we’ve selected the top 8 places to go touring this Easter and we promise you’ll have a great trip.

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Top Five Places Students Should Visit For A White Christmas

Christmas is soon approaching and for many of us the British weather doesn’t quite give us the Christmas feeling. Though some people may only need the nostalgic notes of ‘White Christmas’ sung by the kids next door, it’s always nice to have the real deal. While most will lament and make-do with daydreaming, if you are after an authentic, never-to-be-forgotten Christmas where everything is as white as snow, check out our top places to visit for a Christmas like never before.

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Ten Destinations You Didn’t Know Existed

There are many wonders of the world and new places to discover every day. So here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list of places that you probably didn’t even know existed. We have created a list of a variety of climates, seasons and geographical locations that you’d be shocked and surprised existed. These are the ultimate places to see and fit any bucket list, so whether you’re a backpacking student or a group of friends looking to explore, let us take you to see something new. Read More